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Kevin Korb is the BARD Program Director and is located at the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. He is a Reader and has done research and teaching on Bayesian network technology, causal discovery, evaluation theory, informal logic and the philosophy of science since 1992, when he received his PhD in Philosophy of Science from Indiana University. He maintains (very sporadically) a blog on argument analysis at Bayesianwatch.
Kevin Korb and Ann Nicholson are founding partners of Bayesian Intelligence, Pty Ltd, which specializes consulting in the use of Bayesian network technology.

Ann Nicholson

Professor Ann E. Nicholson is a Professor in the Faculty of Information Technology. After completing her BSc (Hons) and MSc in Computer Science at the University of Melbourne, in 1988 Ann was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford, where she did her doctorate in the Robotics Research Group. After completing a post-doc at Brown University, she returned to Australia to take up a lecturing position at Monash in 1994. Ann specialises in the broad area of Artificial Intelligence, a  sub-discipline of computer science. Ann is a leading international researcher in the specialised area of Bayesian networks, now the dominant technology for probabilistic causal modelling in intelligent systems. She has applied Bayesian Network technology to problem-solving in many domains including meteorology, epidemiology, medicine, education and environmental science. Examples include the use of BNs in biosecurity risk assessment, predicting the impact of conservation actions on threats and habitats of threatened species, fog forecasting and decision support for  clinical cardiovascular risk assessment.


Belinda has a strong background in the field of education. She has worked at Monash University for over 7 years in a number of managerial positions, including project and event management. Prior to this she worked in schools and early childhood education.
Belinda also volunteers with her local Multiple Birth Association, utilising her skills to assist with the coordination of events and fundraising.

Boris is an IT Project Manager with 15 years of experience delivering concurrent complex information technology solutions within large corporate environments. These systems have helped the organisations to become more profitable financially, or allowed them to implement their long term strategic goals, as well as achieve better levels of compliance with governing bodies’ requirements.

He possesses strong technical knowledge of information technology tools, techniques and frameworks; which allows him to deliver initiatives on-time, every time. His good understanding of business needs helps to ensure that the applications delivered are of the highest quality, and help the organisations meet their objectives in the ever competitive and dynamic economic environment.

Boris is currently completing a PhD by research course at Victoria University, where he applies many years of commercial experience to the field of operational scheduling and optimisation.

With wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated across various information management domains over the years, he is enjoying sharing this expertise with others in both commercial and academic settings.

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    The BARD project is funded by IARPA’s CREATE Program