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US spy money funds Aussie research into human reasoning.

The University of Melbourne and Monash University have received multimillion dollar grants from a US government intelligence agency to conduct research aimed at improving human reasoning.


January 19, 2018

Melbourne unis awarded rare contracts by US intelligence’s research arm.

The US intelligence community’s research arm has contracted two Australian universities to beef up the quality of American security analysis, in a bid to avoid repeats of last decade’s catastrophic blunders.


January 18, 2018

Semi-automated analysis system

David Lagnado shared this article with the BARD team

VALCRI was discussed in the New Scientist today – Visual Analytics for Sense-making in Criminal Intelligence Analysis.


May 15, 2017

DoD stands up team to take on PED/intel problem

A memo signed by the Deputy Secretary of Defense earlier this week, establishes the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team (AWCFT) “to accelerate DoD’s integration of big data and machine learning.”

The goal of the team is to create actionable intelligence from the wealth of data collected from the myriad sensors in the field.


May 8, 2017

What is CREATE?

The BARD project is part of IARPA’s CREATE (Crowdsourcing Evidence, Argumentation, Thinking and Evaluation)

Whilst researching CREATE and Dr.Steven Rieber the Program manager for his upcoming visit and presentation in July I found this great interview with him that explains more about the CREATE program


May 1, 2017
The BARD project is funded by IARPA’s CREATE Program