Bayesian Argumentation via Delphi

Bayesian Reasoning For Better Thinking


UI/UX Team

Shane Morris

Shane Morris joins BARD as a consultant in user experience and usability. He has significant experience in the design and evaluation of interactive systems across a range of platforms, working with such organisations as Microsoft, Cochlear, Qantas and Telstra. Shane has taught UX skills and mentored teams across Australia and around the world.

Kanchan Nataraj

Kanchan Nataraj is an ITS programmer on the BARD Project. She has worked on various projects developing software and products. She also has a keen interest in UI/UX design.


Dr Michael Wybrow

Michael is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Information Technology and a member of the Immersive Analytics group. His research interests include document and diagram (network) layout, connector routing, information visualisation, geometric layout constraints, software usability, user experience and interaction design. Michael will contribute expertise on network layout and interactions design to the BARD project.

Shreshth Thakur

Shreshth is a Research Assistant on the BARD Project. He is a graduate from Monash University with a Master of Information Technology (Honours) specialising in Data Management and Intelligent Systems. His honours research project on “Bayesian Decision Networks for Management of Latent Tuberculosis” included Bayesian modelling, Bayesian decision making and risk analysis.

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The BARD project is funded by IARPA’s CREATE Program