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Development Team

Daniel Sun

Dr Jeff Riley

Jeff is the Team Lead, leading the Development team. He has many years of experience in various roles in the computing industry. He has done some research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, particularly Machine Learning and Evolutionary Algorithms, and received his PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from RMIT University in 2005.

Dr Rob Rendell

Rob has worked as a programmer at a number of companies over the years, including Computer Associates, Sensis and Krome Studios.  His programming interests range from AI to web development to computer games – he has recently released a game as an Android app.  His doctorate was in automated reasoning and logic programming.

Kanchan Nataraj

Kanchan Nataraj is an ITS programmer on the BARD Project. She has worked on various projects developing software and products. She also has a keen interest in UI/UX design.


Shreshth Thakur

Shreshth is a Research Assistant on the BARD Project. He is a graduate from Monash University with a Master of Information Technology (Honours) specialising in Data Management and Intelligent Systems. His honours research project on “Bayesian Decision Networks for Management of Latent Tuberculosis” included Bayesian modelling, Bayesian decision making and risk analysis.

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Dr Steven Mascaro

Dr Steven Mascaro

Dr. Steven Mascaro is a Senior Consultant at Bayesian Intelligence. He began working with BNs in 2006, contributing to the development of Monash University’s BN-based poker playing bot. He specializes in machine learning BNs, data mining, computer simulation and BN automation tools. He also has extensive experience with web application development.

The BARD project is funded by IARPA’s CREATE Program