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The special issue on “Probabilistic Causal Modelling”.

MDPI – 11 Feb 2018

The special issue on “Probabilistic Causal Modelling” will be published on the Journal of Information. The three guest editors Dr. Kevin B Korb, Prof. Ann E Nicholson and Mr. Erik Nyberg are from the Faculty of IT at Monash University. This special issue will provide a view of its journey since probabilistic modelling was originated in the 1950s. It will also provide a snapshot of where this hot topic is at after crashing headlong into the Bayesian network technology, and a probabilistic predition of where it is headed. The deadline for manuscript submissions is on 1 August 2018.

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US spy money funds Aussie research into human reasoning.

James Wells – Campus Review – 9 Feb 2017


The University of Melbourne and Monash University have received multimillion dollar grants from a US government intelligence agency to conduct research aimed at improving human reasoning.

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Melbourne unis awarded rare contracts by US intelligence’s research arm.

John Ross- The Australian – 7 Feb 2017

The US intelligence community’s research arm has contracted two Australian universities to beef up the quality of American security analysis, in a bid to avoid repeats of last decade’s catastrophic blunders.

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